On a Te Mana Travels adventure, every day will bring enrichment for your mind, body and soul.

Connect With Nature Watching For Dolphins, Swimming, And Snorkeling. Disconnect And Let Yourself Relax While Setting Sail For Bora Bora And Matira Beach. Soak Up The Sun. Take In The Beauty.

Each day we will visit new locations and anchor in unique spots around each island. On our catamaran, you will experience breathtakingly beautiful places only a lucky few are able to access. An example of our Society Island Adventure itinerary is below. Details are subject to change based on weather and best planning opportunities. Please keep in mind all itineraries can be customized for duration of travel, island choices and activities!

PLEASE NOTE: This itinerary applies to Te Mana Travels’ Adventures 1 and 2, and does not pertain to the 2019 Tahiti Escapade. Please click here for the Tahiti Escapade IAntinerary.


Your captain and crew will welcome you aboard with a refreshing cocktail at 12:00 pm. After you get settled in, we will set sail for our first journey!. We will be anchoring off the island of Tahaa at a beautiful place called Motu Cerant. This is the perfect place to take your first swim, or just relax as your crew prepares the first of many freshly made dinners for you. 



You will wake up and see brilliant blue waters sparkling with reflections of the morning sun. Fresh coffee will be brewing and a wonderful breakfast will be served at 8 am. After breakfast, we will set sail for Motu Tautau, where we will anchor and give you a chance to experience world-class snorkeling at the famed Coral Gardens. It is a perfect snorkeling opportunity for both beginners and advanced snorkelers. 

After snorkeling we will enjoy a fabulous beach barbeque prepared by a wonderful Tahitian family. Eat, relax on shore, swim, and take in the beauty of this private paradise. 

Mid afternoon, we will cruise to Hurepiti Bay. We will anchor here and you will get a chance to take in the beauty of one of Tahaa’s most dazzling valleys as your crew prepares a delicious dinner.



After breakfast we will take our dingy ashore for a jeep tour of the island, guided by a wonderful local family who has spent years cultivating Tahaa’s treasured vanilla beans. Learn all about how vanilla is produced as well as some of the island’s other precious and exotic crops.    

Relax in the afternoon at one of the most beautiful anchorages in French Polynesia named Motu Nau Nau off the island of Raiatea.   



After breakfast we will have the pleasure of cruising to Raiatea’s, Marae Taputapuatea. We will learn about this historic place of worship, which has sacred significance in Polynesian culture. 

Just after lunch, we will set sail for Bora Bora! Find your favorite place onboard to rest and take in the majesty of the Pacific. This is a great time to see dolphins as we go through the ocean passes. 

As we arrive in Bora Bora, you will be amazed at what seems like a thousand shades of blue that make Bora Bora’s lagoon so famous. Dive in!  Enjoy a languid and refreshing swim and get ready for dinner onshore at the celebrated restaurant, Bloody Mary’s. 



We will move anchor to one of the most famous beaches in Bora bora named Matira Beach. There is an array of activities for you to partake in. Take your pick of scuba-diving, shark and ray feeding, snorkeling or many onshore activities as well. We are happy to provide any assistance ahead of time to help arrange and reserve any of these activities.



We will spend the early part of the day snorkeling in some of the hidden gems of Bora Bora, followed by lunch prepared at the beach. After lunch we will cruise towards Mai Kai Yacht Club, where we will anchor. Enjoy a refreshing cocktail and take advantage of the Club’s free WIFI service to connect with home if you so choose. Afterwards, we will visit the town of Vaitape and shop for locally made goods, black pearls, and many other fun Polynesian items.



We will be leaving Bora Bora and setting sail for Tahaa in beautiful Apu Bay. We savor an authentic Tahitian dinner and experience a traditional Polynesian Dance and Fire Show. 



On our final day, we will leave Apu Bay and cruise back to the Marina in Raitaea by 9:00 am.