Tahitian Black Pearls 101!

With the recent launch of our 2nd Annual Black Pearl Giveaway Contest, we thought we would write a blog on Tahitian Black Pearls! These beautiful gems are amazing to look at, and even more impressive to learn about! 

What makes Tahitian Black Pearls so stunning and special? They are produced from a black lip oyster (Pinctada Margaritfera) that is found only in the waters of French Polynesia. The interior shell (called the nacre) of this specific oyster contains a wide range of beautiful colors. When cultured, the pearls that these oysters produce come in colors ranging from various undertones and overtones of blue, green pink, silver, yellow, white, black, and what appear to be a million color combination in between!

Screen Shot 2019-04-19 at 12.11.57 PM.png

The farming and culturing process to produce these pearls involves years of planning, expertise and care. The grafting process is when a round shell nucleus is carefully inserted into each oyster. This triggers the oyster to produce “nacre” around the nucleus and VOILA…next you have a black pearl! One of the highlights of our charter adventures is visiting one of our favorite pearl farms, so guests can see first-hand the detailed labor and science involved in obtaining these beauties! 

It is always a real treat to visit a farm when they are harvesting the pearls. There is a real anticipation and excitement to see these rare gems being carefully extracted from the oysters. Each pearl is different in size, color and beauty. A true surprise!

In our opinion, bringing home a black pearl is the perfect way to remember your time in French Polynesia. The colors of these little gems are constant reminders of the beautiful waters from which they come!

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