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Adventures for the Soul

Relax, revitalize and reconnect as you experience and explore the magical islands of Tahiti and French Polynesia.

an easy eight hour flight from Los Angeles, Tahiti offers pristine beauty and culture that is awe-inspiring and life-changing.

Te Mana Travels specializes in soul-enhancing, culturally rich, fun-filled adventure travel experiences for people of all ages in Tahiti and French Polynesia. Explore multiple islands, engage in unique cultural experiences and traditions, and discover some of the most beautiful, secluded locations in Tahiti and the surrounding islands. We go off the beaten path to offer you a unique and unforgettable experience.

Connect with nature as you swim, snorkel or float in the most peaceful warm waters known to man. Disconnect and let yourself relax on secluded private islands. Soak up the sun. Come alive as we hike to ancient ruins, or do a gentle yoga practice on a white sand beach. Te Mana Travels will make every day enriching for your mind, body and soul.

Adventure inward to find peace as you unplug surrounded by the warm, peaceful, turquoise blue waters and lush landscape of the islands. Adventure outward as you discover the rich, exquisite Polynesian culture and traditions.

Experience Mana*!

*The Polynesian/Tahitian word for the powerful life force, spiritual energy and unifying presence that connects all living things.



Discover which Tahitian
adventure is right for you.

Venture through the South Pacific aboard your very own luxury catamaran.

Visit the islands of Bora Bora, Taha’a and Rai’atea on a private luxury sailing catamaran. This 8 day / 7 night adventure is the ultimate way to explore the Society Islands of French Polynesia.

Coming soon.

Same as Adventure 1, but with a nod to Namaste. Visit the islands of Bora Bora, Taha’a and Rai’atea, on a private luxury catamaran for the ultimate week of health, wellness and fun.

Coming soon.

Sail the world’s most spectacular lagoons around Bora Bora, Rai’atea, and Taha’a, combined with 2 nights at the magical Huahine overwater bungalows, and 2 nights at the Manava Hotel in Papeete.

August 10-21, 2019


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