A Te Mana Travel’s Yacht Charter is the Ultimate Way to Experience the Islands of Tahiti!

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We’ve Put Together the Top 3 Reasons Why A Te Mana Travel’s Yacht Charter is the Ultimate Way to Experience the Islands of Tahiti!

1) Maximize relaxation time!   Arrive onboard and leave the worries and hassles of travel details behind. Our customized itineraries allow guests to experience and explore 3 to 4 islands during their time aboard, without ever having to pack or unpack another bag! No more standing in security lines, boarding tour buses , or feeling like a tourist! Once you are onboard, you are right in the middle of the best the islands have to offer. Cruising through the peaceful waters of Bora Bora, Tahaa, Huahine or Raiatea, guests simply have some of the most amazing activities at their fingertips.  From the best snorkeling locations and private white sand beaches, to incredibly rich cultural experiences, it is all just a quick jump or step off the back of the boat! You can be as relaxed or as active and adventurous as you choose!  

2) Beautiful  360 degree views, 24 hours per day!  Aboard your very own luxury catamaran, you literally wake up to a new view every morning. We pick the best anchorages, totally immersing guests in the beauty of each island. From the stunning blues of the lagoons, to the deep greens of the mountain peaks and valleys, we are always in search of the most beautiful places to share with our guests. The shallow draft of catamarans allows us to cruise through the unreal blues of the calm lagoon waters that have made Tahiti famous. You are literally right in the middle of a million shades of blue. There is no better way to reboot, relax and recharge than being surrounded by the unreal beauty of these islands. 

 3) A captain and hostess/guide dedicated to providing a safe, fun ,personalized, and unforgettable time aboard! From customized itineraries, and excursions, to fresh, local delectable cuisine, our crew is there to share their passion for the islands of Tahiti with unmatched local knowledge and expertise. We thoroughly enjoy getting to know and serve each guest, and take pride in the relationships we’ve built along the way.